Diagonal sideboard

A modern, essential accessory characterised by the presence of diagonal cuts that create open spaces: this sideboard is full of practical solutions for holding and displaying through games of visible and hidden.

W 219 D 51,5 H 85,5 cm

Photo finishes / Diagonal sideboard, Var. B, textured mocha oak carcass, textured mocha oak and textured cava cement front. Calatorao silk 070 stoneware top. Anthracite 160 metal open shelf unit and base.

Diagonal sideboard, Var. A, matt smoke 128 lacquered carcass, matt pumice 152 lacquered open compartment and base.
L 219 D 51.5 H 85.5 cm

Brigitte coffee table

Madia Diagonal Var. A struttura materico rovere sabbia, basamento e vano a giorno metallo antracite 160.
L 219 P 51,5 H 85,5 cm

Ring mensole / Loft poltroncina / Guccino pouf / Icones tappeto

Madia Diagonal struttura materico opaco bianco gesso e materico nodato scuro, vani a giorno metallo antracite 160.
L 183 P 51,5 H 111,5 cm

Madia Diagonal Var.B struttura materico opaco arena frontali materico rovere sabbia e materico opaco arena. Vani a giorno e basamento metallo antracite 160.
L 219 P 51 H 85,5 cm

Pannello Krea grafica 9105W. Mensola metallo arena178.
L 144 P 22 H 144 cm

Tape tappeto


Depth 51,5 cm
W 219,5 H 85,5 cm
W 201,5 H 85,5 cm
W 183,5 H 85,5 cm
W 219,5 H 75,6 cm
W 201,5 H 75,6 cm
W 183,5 H 75,6 cm
W 147,5 H 111,7 cm
W 183,5 H 111,7 cm

Base and open unit in standard anthracite 160 finish.

Available finishes