Vinci sideboard

The possibility of combining various finishes, colours and graphic designs makes this sideboard an inimitable, ideal piece of furniture for any home and furnishing style. The metal trim highlights not just the design but also the material and chromatic combinations.

W 216 D 51,5 H 93,5 cm

Photo finishes / Vinci sideboard with reeded matt arena 178 lacquered drawer. Carcass and doors in matt arena 178 lacquer. Arena 178 metal trim and base.

Vinci A04 sideboard with reeded coal oak drawer. Matt bromite 176 lacquered carcass and doors. Anthracite 160 metal trim and base.
W 216 D 51.5 H 93.5 cm

Cookie pouf / Grace M picture collection

Madia Vinci A04 cassetto rovere moka canettè. Struttura rovere moka e ante materico piasentina scura, profilo e basamento metallo antracite 160.
L 198 P 51,5 H 93,5 cm

Ciko vano a giorno / Guccino pouf / Light spot tappeto

Madia Vinci A01 struttura e top materico rovere sabbia, ante materico rovere sabbia con grafica V1101W. Basamento e profili metallo antracite 160.
L 216 P 51,5 H 93,5 cm

Brigitte tavolo / Betty sedie

Madia Vinci struttura laccato opaco carta da zucchero 155, grafica V004. Profili e basamento metallo antracite 160.
L 216 P 51,5 H 93,5 cm

Visage 1 e 2 quadri tela / Wave tappeto


W 216 D 51 H 93,5 cm
W 198 D 51 H 93,5 cm

Wooden finishes only available for doors.
Base in standard anthracite 160 finishes.

Available finishes