Tudor table

Fixed or extendable, this table is a true architectural work with a very thick wooden top and coloured legs that cross to form an X. The glass legs change shape, but maintain the style of the table.

W 300 D 110 H 74 cm

Photo finishes / Tudor table with a stripped natural oak top and an anthracite 160 metal and chalk white 121 metal frame.

La base del tavolo Tudor è disponibile in metallo laccato oppure in vetro.


W 200 D 100 H 74 cm
W 300 D 100 H 74 cm
W 300 D 110 H 74 cm

W 250-300 D 100 H 74 cm
W 300-350 D 110 H 74 cm
W 350-400 D 110 H 74 cm

Top finish in stripped natural oak.
Standard structure finish Anthracite 160.

Available finishes