Montgomery sideboard

The distinctive element of this sideboard is its handle, which is incorporated in the door panel. A functional detail, the cutout pull becomes decorative and characterizes the style of the fronts. This versatile piece of furniture is perfect in a main room but also in areas that people walk through.

W 241 D 51,5 H 85 cm

Photo finishes / Montgomery sideboard with a matt saline 163 lacquered carcass and and a salt grey 163 metal lacquered base.

Montgomery sideboard with a matt bromite 176 lacquered carcass.
W 120 D 51.5 H 123.3 cm

Avalon table / Adele chairs


W 241 D 51,5 H 85 cm
W 120 D 51,5 H 123,3 cm

Base in standard anthracite 160 finishes.

Available finishes