Welcome to our page dedicated to whistleblowing.

In implementation of the EU Directive 2019/1937, the Legislative Decree No. 24 of March 10, 2023 (hereinafter also called “Whistleblowing Decree”) was issued. This decree covered the topic of “the protection of persons who report violations of Union law and laying down provisions concerning the protection of persons who report violations of national regulatory provisions”. Tomasella Industrie Mobili S.a.S. operates in compliance with the law and its own principles of honesty and integrity. Therefore, the Company, through the computer platform “Whistleblowing Module (Real Comm srl)” gives the opportunity to report illegal conduct occurred within the work context that violates the European Union or national legislation. Anonymous reports can also be made, but only if these are adequately substantiated with all the necessary details to enable the facts reported and the persons to whom they can be attributed to be ascertained.
A meeting may also be requested through the Platform, to speak directly with the manager of the reporting channel.
For all the information inherent to who can report, what can be reported, how reports are handled, what protection measures are guaranteed, and to consult the privacy policy , take a look at the Instructions for reporting wrongdoing found within the Platform.