Hinged door wardrobes

Vano a giorno terminale

Viewed from the front is a hinged door wardrobe with a designer handle applied to the door; but a side view reveals another side to its character: open end compartment is fitted with a mirror and a drawer. A practical place to get ready in.

W 289 D 62 H 255 cm

Photo finishes / Textured alpaca hinged doors with myrtle 165 metal Leila handles. Textured alpaca structure. Side panel with mirror and open compartment in matt myrtle 165 lacquer.

Even the wardrobe interiors are finished with care to aesthetic detail and functionality: spaces can be fitted out and organised with shelves, drawer units and other accessories while the fabric-effect finish adds the final touches to the overall style.

The end module completes the side of the wardrobe in a practical way. Shelves, mirrors and open units let you use the end of the wardrobe to store books and small household objects.

Open end compartment with its rear-lit mirror creates a welcoming and practical element for the entrance: a particularly apt solution for open space rooms or if the side of the wardrobe can be seen clearly when entering the bedroom.


door SMART pt. 25

H 223 – 239 – 255 – 287 cm
W 90 – 98 – 117,2 cm

Available finishes