Sir sideboard

Hanging or standing, this sideboard is made more precious by the customisable tray-top: it adds a touch of design and is an original shelf for displaying vases, paintings or other objects.

W 216 D 51,5 H 90 cm

Photo finishes / Sir S04 sideboard with textured dark piasentina carcass, textured coal oak Sir top and anthracite 160 metal base.

Sir S01 sideboard with textured alpaca carcass and matt terracotta 170 lacquered Sir top.
W 216 D 40.3 H 54 cm

Joy coffee table / Visage canvas picture / Ethnic rug

Madia Sir S06 struttura materico opaco basalto e basamento laccato opaco basalto 177 e top Sir materico rovere carbone. Inserto maniglie materico rovere carbone.
L 216 P 51,5 H 98 cm

Ring mensola / Brigitte tavolo / Betty sedie

Madie Sir S05 struttura materico rovere moka, top Sir materico rovere moka e basamento Tracks metallo antracite/ottone.
L 108 P 40,3 H 131 cm

Madia Sir S02 struttura laccato opaco bosco 168, top Sir materico noce ambra.
L 270 P 40,3 H 54 cm

Zen 2 quadro tela / Shade tappeto


S01 – W 216 P 40,3 H 54 cm
S02 – W 270 P 40,3 H 54 cm
SO3 – W 216 P 51,5 H 66 cm
S04 – W 216 P 51,5 H 90 cm

S05 – W 108 D 40,3 H 131 cm
S06 – W 216 D 51,5 H 98 cm

Dark and light intreccio not available for Sir top.
Wooden finishes only available for fronts and Sir tops.
Sir element not available in glass lacquer colors.

Available finishes