Storage furniture


Diagonal lines and vertical grip recesses are the distinguishing traits of an extremely geometric and modern set of furniture. But that’s not all: the fronts combine finishes and colours to further enhance the design.

Textured matt arena and gloss arena 378 glass chest-of-drawers. Textured mocha oak and gloss arena 378 glass bedside units. Matt ruby 172 and gloss ruby 372 glass tall boys.

To create a refined look, textured sand oak is paired with gloss smoke 328 glass on the chest-of-drawer and bedside table fronts. Perfect pairings create style and enhance the night.

Textured sand oak and gloss smoke 328 glass chest-of-drawers and bedside tables.



2-drawer bedside unit

W 66
D 44,9
H 43

3-drawer bedside unit

W 52,1
D 40,4
H 54

3-drawer chest

W 132,3
D 54,7
H 71,1

5-drawer narrow chest

W 86,4
D 54,7
H 107,8
Available finishes