Hall arrangement

Solutions created and designed to furnish entryways in a welcoming, functional way: wardrobes, shelves, elements for holding items, tops, mirrors and coat hangers can be combined in different ways according to need.

I01 hall arrangement in matt mother of pearl 124 lacquer, textured sand oak. Raster units with anthracite 160 metal structure, textured sand oak inserts.
Cookie pouf / Bolle mirror

W 180 D 30-40 H 234 cm


I02 Hall arrangement

I02 hall arrangement in textured mocha oak, matt burgundy 156 lacquer, matt mother of pearl 124 lacquer, anthracite 160 metal, Inside mirror

I03 Hall arrangement

I03 hall arrangement in matt blue grey 155 lacquer, Inside mirror.

I04 Hall arrangement

I04 hall arrangement in textured coal oak, matt chalk white 121 lacquer, anthracite 160 metal, Lettering, pewter Me&You pegs, Inside mirror.

I05 Hall arrangement

I05 hall arrangement in textured sand oak, textured light cement, sage 159 metal, Inside mirror.