Storage furniture


This curvy, rounded design brings to mind the Sixties style and lends a vintage touch to these units. The fronts and tops can come in different finishes to create customised combinations of colours and textures.

Mocha oak wood chest-of-drawers, cat. elegance urban marble stoneware top. Sand oak wood bedside table, cat. premium calacatta oro top. Mocha oak wood tall boys, cat. premium emperador tops.

Mocha oak wood chest-of-drawers and bedside tables.
Cat.elegance fokos terra stoneware top.

Bolle mirror

Since they actually characterise the essence of the night, the curved edges of the drawers can’t be considered a mere formal detail. The rounded shape and the mocha oak wood grain contribute to transforming spaces into harmonious, cosy places.

Mocha oak wood bedside table, cat.elegance amani stoneware top.



2-drawer bedside unit

W 61,8
D 42,4
H 43

3-drawer chest with stabilizer

W 137,1
D 57,4
H 72,4

5-drawer narrow chest

W 61,8
D 42,4
H 116,2
Available finishes